Virginia Maddox was the First Lady of Georgia and wife of Governor Lester Maddox (1967-1971).[My mom clipped this loving tribute from the Atlanta Journal Constitution in August 1999 and passed it along to me yesterday with a request to post it here. Virginia Cox Maddox was married for 61 years to Lester Maddox, “Georgia’s unlikeliest governor”. She died June 24, 1997.]

Virginia Cox Maddox

Thank you, my precious Virginia, for that hug and the many thousands of others that you caused to be mine during our long marriage; a marriage that lasted longer than the marriage of any other Georgia First Family. It is your birthday again, “Babe,” and the second one since our Heavenly Father took you home to be with Him and other of His angels.

I remain lonesome and brokenhearted but daily thank God and you for the three birthdays I was blessed to celebrate with you as the girl of my dreams and the 61 of your birthdays I was blessed and priviledged to share with you as my dear wife, partner, best friend, supporter and defender.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS VIRGINIA and thanks for standing the often-times trying test of marriage and keeping your marriage vows that made it possible for our marriage to last until death did us part. Your faithfulness and your commitment to our marriage instilled an ever growing commitment of mine to our marriage that reached a strength and depth of love for one another than I had never imagined a husband and wife could reach and be blessed with. Truly, God and your commitment caused to be ours what His word proclaims, as recorded in Ephesians 5:31:

“For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Others, be they married or not, will receive their earned blessings from life, but those who never marry and those who fail to stay married will never receive nor understand the many great blessings and precious memories God caused to be mine and yours. I love you “Babe” and want you to know that before too long I will be with you to celebrate birthdays with you forever.


(He died 6 years and 1 day after his beloved Virginia’s death)