JOHNSON, HEDWIG (HEIDI / HEDA / FRAU) KNAUS – embarked on a new journey on September 3, 2008. She had traveled so far in her lifetime, meticulously packing boxes, cleaning the old quarters, cleaning the new quarters, and hanging the curtains that signaled we were “home”. Heda was born in Tzulb, Czechoslovakia on September 16, 1939 to Andreas and Hedwig Knaus. The circumstances of her life after WWII launched her first journey as she and her family were resettled in Beiershausen, Germany.

“Work” was the mantra of her life and her hands, knees and back bore witness to the fields she hoed, the loads she carried and the floors she scrubbed. Her enduring smile and bright eyes bore witness to her spirit.

She met Ronald Lynn Johnson while picking blueberries at a guard shack in the German countryside. Together this passionate couple spent 50 years in love – making a life and raising a family. Her purpose in life was to make everything she touched more beautiful – our home, the garden, the family gatherings. As an Army wife she traveled many, many miles by land and by air and by sea. As we held her in our arms she set sail on her final journey, no more packing or cleaning to be done, no disease to burden. Today beautiful white shear curtains grace the windows of heaven.

Heda is survived by her husband, Roni; her children, Hans Jurgen, Kyra Rhondaly and Erick Andreas; her grandchildren, Joshua, Justin, Travis, Taylor and Aden; great grandchildren, Kristian Faith and Jared Foster; and family and friends across the miles. In memory and respect, services will be held at St. Joseph’s Church, 3425 Andersonville Hwy (TN 61) Norris, TN ( Joseph). Schedule is as follows on Sunday, September 7, 2008: Rosary at 5:30 p.m.; Mass at 6:15 p.m.; interment following Mass, and receiving of friends / celebration of her life following the interment. In lieu of flowers, contributions accepted in the name of St. Joseph’s Church, Norris, TN. Hatmaker Funeral Home, Lake City, TN in charge of arrangements.