As requested, this 24 year old dead man was present at his three-day wake, not lying in traditional repose in a wooden coffin, but standing up in his mother’s living room. Click here for a photo and the entire article on Angel Pantoja Medina’s last wish.

Other examples of alternative viewings from an earlier post (May 2008):

“At the visitation Friday for Billie Jefferson, it felt just like home. Instead of being in a casket, Mrs. Jefferson was reclining on a chaise longue wearing off-white pajamas with a TV nearby. The remote was beside her arm…

“In December, the funeral home had 9-year-old Trevon Williams lying in bed resting atop his favorite Spider-Man linens. A video of the visitation can be seen on YouTube…”

Click here to read the entire story on the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. (expired)