Thursday Morning, April 25, 1920

Death of Mr. W.M. Roberson
Having spent most of his life in our midst, the town as a whole was grieved to know that the soul of our friend Mr. W. M. Roberson had winged its way to God who gave it life. His death was sudden, and yet was not unexpected, as his health had been declining for several years. The passing was sweet and peaceful, occuring about five o’clock Sunday afternoon in his home [on Elm Street] at Clarksdale, April 14. He was born at Cherry Creek, Miss. in 1855 and was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Roberson. For a period of ten days his mind dwelt in the past, and he longed to be “Home” in the old Pontotoc where as a barefooted boy he roamed the red hills, and waded the clear branches. In spirit and heart he was in Pontotoc with his friends and loved ones, for several days before he fell asleep. There were friends like the old friends who shared his mourning days.

To him friendship was more valuable than gold. It was the breathing rose, with its sweetness in every fold, Mr. Roberson, in early manhood became the husband of the sweetheart of his youth and was married in 1880 to Miss Pink Bell. She was the daughter of Dr. J.A. Bell of Troy, Miss. There were six children born to this home. All of whom survive their father with the exception of one named Lillian who died when quite a little child. The wife, Mrs. Pink [Margaret Esther] Bell Roberson also survives him. Those who know Mr. Roberson best felt that he was in possession of the strong characteristics that bring success. He was a most devoted father, always ready with a gentle, yet firm hand to guide his children to attain the best in citizenship. His  tenderness and devotion to his life companion was a fact well known to all. He enjoyed her companionship and appreciated her wise counsel in the affairs of life. He filled positions of trust in his community and was always very enthusiastic in promoting any thing for the uplife and betterment of society. He united with the Presbyterian church about 25 years ago. He was ever faithful to its teachings.

Mr. Roberson was a man of large family connections and acquaintances. His popularity was attested by the many floral offerings that covered the last resting place of our friend and neighbor. His body now rests under the sod of his old hometown where he will sleep until the Resurrection morn. The members of Mr. Roberson’s family now living are: Mr. Frank Roberson of New York; Mr. Lake Roberson [Sr], Clarksdale; Mr. William Roberson of Minter City; Mrs. O.F. [Willie Bell] Carr of Pontotoc; and Mrs. Francis Marion [San] Owens of Clarksdale. There were twelve bright grandchildren* that made life very dear to him. We grieve with the wife of his bosom for his passing and wish for her solace that comes from trusting the God he loved and who was a tender and gracious Father in his last days.

* Grandchildren:

  • Celeste, Shed Hill, and Lake Roberson Jr (Lake Sr & Celeste Roberson)
  • Josephine,  O.F. Jr, Willie Bell, Marjorie Carr (Willie Bell & Oliver Carr)
  • Billy, Catherine and San Stewart Owens (San & Buster Owens)
  • Shirley, Frank Flournoy Roberson (Frank Sr & ?)
  • B.J./Billy James Roberson (William & ?)